1. Easy to learn and use: HTML is a fairly easy language to learn and use. It is much easier than other programming languages, such as Java or C++, and can be quickly picked up by someone with minimal coding experience.

2. Widely supported: HTML is supported by all major web browsers, so it’s easy to ensure that your website will look the same in all browsers.

3. Search engine friendly: HTML is easily read by search engine crawlers, so it’s easier for your website to get indexed by search engines.

4. Low cost: HTML is free to use and doesn’t require any special software or hosting.


1. Limited features: HTML is limited in terms of the features it can provide. It can’t be used to create complex applications or dynamic websites.

2. No security: HTML is not a secure language and can be easily exploited by hackers.

3. Poor accessibility: HTML is not the most accessible language, as it can be difficult for people with disabilities to access websites built with HTML.

4. Outdated technology: HTML is an older technology and is becoming increasingly outdated. It is being replaced by newer technologies such as CSS and JavaScript.

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