1. Swift is Easier to Read and Maintain: Swift code is easier to read and maintain than Objective-C, making it easier for developers to quickly identify and fix bugs. This makes it easier for new developers to join the development team and for existing developers to pick up new projects.

2. Swift is Faster: Swift code runs faster than Objective-C, which means apps can be built faster and with fewer resources. This makes it ideal for projects with tight deadlines or limited resources.

3. Swift is Safer: Swift has built-in safety features that help prevent errors and crashes. This makes it easier to develop apps with fewer bugs and fewer security vulnerabilities.

4. Swift is More Expressive: Swift is more expressive than Objective-C, which means developers can write code that is more concise and readable. This makes it easier to understand code and makes debugging and maintenance easier.

5. Swift is Open Source: Swift is open source, which means developers can access the source code and make changes to it. This makes it easy to customize the language for specific projects or to add new features.

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